New Orleans: the Big easy!

January 26, 2022

New Orleans home of the hurricane, not talking about the Orcan here although sadly they’ve been hit with that too a couple of time, but no I’m talking about the drink. A drink invented in 1940 when rum was coming down the stream of the Mississippi River in masses from the Caribbean, so the bar pat O’Brien experimented and found the perfect blend of passion fruit and rum, put in a glass shaped like a hurricane glass and created New Orleans favorite drink, the hurricane.

New Orleans is also the home of the famous sazeric drink, you know the drink they enjoy in mass fold in the movie another round (in Danish: Druk). A drink with absinthe, until absinthe became illegal in the United States and they then had to find something to mix it with instead, so it is now mixed with the liquor created by a famous apothecary, Antoine peychaud. It was served in coffeehouses in the 1800, which of cause is not a place where coffee was enjoyed, it was a bar where business men would meet and discuss business over a drink.

But New Orleans is not all boose and party although I get the confusing. It is also where vampires live, or at least in the movie/series world it is where the originals is living (the show I follow, there are other shows like ncis New Orleans being played out here). But here we talk the originals. You can see Marcels home base (if it’s open), the church’s of which davina hides out in season 1 and the benches from the first and last scenes from the show in front of the church. You can visit the vampire boutique where you can acquire holy water, might be in handy if you run into a vampire while staying here. And you can visit the cementry where many conversations and rituals where made in the show (again if its open).

As you’ve might have noticed I’ve been hinting to the places as if they are closed only because while I’m here, everything (but the bars) seems to be closed.

New Orleans is also the home of the famous Mardi Gras an american “fastelavn” as we call it in Denmark. Although instead of dressing up and go door to door to beg for candy, you see parades and music and although people are still dressing up but in yellow, green and purple parady clothes. I didn’t however plan my vacation to go see it and the party will start in February and last till march.

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