Ellen Ejdesgaard Kirk

Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur and traveler.

Back in Copenhagen

After 11 months in Ireland I had enough of the full time job, or I just started missing Copenhagen and my family so now im back, bought a boat and started school on Reklamelinjen. A lot has happened and im only now starting to relax more and enjoy my new alternative, minimalistic life.

I am for the time staying on my boat, to save money and to experience living on a boat. It is a Drabant22, a very small boat with 4 beds but it does need a lot of work and new mattresses.

I am still trying my best at getting more fluent in spanish, surely I will make it?

Also check out my youtube channel, with traveling videos and other creative project im doing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVTD3P_5_5QLQElMit8ayzA

Hasta luego