Ellen Ejdesgaard Kirk

Creative Designer, Entrepreneur and traveler.


of Creative Circle Our Sustainable Future.

In kombination with “FN´s international day for creativity” on April 21st me and my team entered a film competition for young people under 30 or students.

How can we on a positive note with creative thinking and with focus on the global goals, create ideas to make the world a better place and create new visions for the future?

So the goal is to create ideas and visions, that makes a difference or can help reach a one of the 17 global goals. How you do it its completely up to you, use you imagination.  

Format: The movie shall me no longer than 60 seconds, can be shorter.

check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVTD3P_5_5QLQElMit8ayzA

And my portfolio: http://ellenejdekirk.dk/portfolio/