Houston, Texas

February 4, 2022

Houston is the only major American city that doesn’t have a land-use zoning laws, meaning anything can be built anywhere, Italian restaurant next to hospitals next to a gun shop. Houston is also as most might know known at the space capital, the phrase “Houston we have a problem” comes to mind when you think of this place. It is also the world capital of air conditioning, energy industry, petroleum exploration and punishment, what it is the capital of is Texas that would be Austin.

Houston has over 11.000 restaurant so finding food was not a problem, and I was invited to have lunch with the guy I was staying (my dads colleague used to be in the Copenhagen department now in the houston department) and the food was delicious and not that expensive so if your are ever in houston I recommend jonathan’s the rub.

And houston is big so renting a car is definitely also a good idea, but are you traveling on a budget there the buses go all the time and Uber is very used there as the as in the rest of America.

I had my first experience at a basketball game, which over here is 3 hours long , i means not the game itself but there is a lot of breaks and show in between the game and there is even carnival games and other entertainment if you don’t want to sit and watch the game the whole time. All in all a fun very American experience.

And you can easily spend a day walking around downtown, seeing artwork, buildings, skylines and parks.

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