Crete: Mini Guide School

Been in Crete for 11 days now learning about the guide life. The first guests will arrive on the 6th of April and the weather and city is starting to wake up, everyday it gets warmer, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets are opening and I’m looking forward to getting started. We are 3 finish guys and 4 Danish guys at the moment, trying to learn some finish, Danish and Greek words sharing stories from each other’s countries and getting to know each other.

Crete is a wonderful place to see, so much history, different weather and nice people all around. I went here 20 years ago with my mom, grandmother, sister and brother. I was 9 at the time so a lot of the time was spent at beaches and the pool and don’t remember a lot from it other than we had an amazing time here, reading my moms story from time has help with my memories and it fun reading it. We are now staying at Agia Marina one of the many vacation cities with lots of hotels up the coast, stretching like 5-6 cities.

It’s been fun saying the city come to life as everything is opening up and will be fun to see it with people as there are still a lot closed and getting remodeled and ready for the season.

I’m exited to learn and grow with this experience.

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