Belfast, Northern Ireland

May 22, 2023

I went to Belfast for a day, took the morning first class style (cause it was so cheap and no more ticket for the second class). It is a 2 hour train ride.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and throughout its modern history it has been a major commercial and industrial centre. Also the place where titanic was designed, build and launched.

When there I recommend to try the market first as it isn’t open for that long, it’s a great place to find your lunch and a lot of great stuff to browse through so watch out you might some money here.

After we went to take a black cap to learn some of Belfast history (told from the Catholics side) but a very good time and they also go through the Protestant side so you can see it but in a more drive through way. And just go to the tourist office near the city hall, as some of the offers on the internet is not to be trusted.

The city’s history have occasionally seen conflicts between different political fractions who favor different political arrangement between Ireland and Great Britain. Since Good Friday (Lang Fredag in Denmark) agreement on April 10th 1998, the city has been relatively peaceful and major redevelopment has occurred. It ended most of the violence of the troubles and ethno-nationalist conflict that has been happening since the late 1960s.

It is a wild story, and our guy spoke things like being imprisoned like it’s life which it was, luckily not so much anymore. Now he spoke with a very Irish accent which was great for the authentic of it but a bit difficult to understand. But we saw the freedom wall, the Murial and visited a museum where we saw a little of how was, how people snuck in cameras and newspapers.

After we went to the city hall but it was about to close so browsed trough pretty quick but had a very nice interior and then lastly Victoria square to see the view from top, this also gave us and idea of why all the souvenirs had two yellow cranes on them.

We didn’t get to see the titanic museum, which wasn’t high on the list as none of us was that big fans of the film I mean it was nice an all but very mainstream. And then you can also kiss a big fish statue thingy which is near the museum, and is supposed to give you wisdom, it is also called the salmon of knowledge and is based on the story “the boyhood deeds of Fionn.” About a fish that ate some hazelnuts that had fallen into the well of wisdom, and gained all the knowledge in the world. According to the tale, first person to eat the fish would inherit all of its knowledge. It was constructed in 1999 to celebrate the return of the fish to the river Lagan.

And that was my first trip to Belfast, a great trip with no expectations as we planned it a day before and ended up going with my at that time Danish colleague who were going back to Denmark to study.

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